Alicyclonide is a safe, non-acne-causing beauty material that is especially suitable for eye shadows. It has good color-finding and color-fixing ability, which helps to create a long-lasting makeup look.

Lipocyclonolactone is a polymeric material with excellent antioxidant properties and stability. It can effectively absorb the skin's oil and make the eyeshadow fit the skin better to avoid smudging and makeup removal.

In addition, lipocyclonolactone has a smooth and delicate texture, which helps eyeshadow to go on more easily and makes eye makeup more vibrant and bright. Also, its gentle formula makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

In conclusion, alicyclonide is an excellent beauty material, and its safety, non-acne-causing properties and good color-finding ability make it an essential part of beauty products such as eyeshadows.
We have a patent for this material, developed specifically for eyeshadows, and we add it to all of our eyeshadows